Old Stone

Lao shi


Monday, Nov. 7 at 6:45pm
Tuesday, Nov. 8 at 2:10pm
Plaza Frontenac Cinema
Plaza Frontenac Cinema

In Johnny Ma’s thrilling debut feature, a Chinese taxi driver finds himself plunged into a Kafkaesque nightmare in a society where life is cheap, compassion is ruinously expensive, and no good deed goes unpunished. When a drunk passenger causes Lao Shi to swerve and hit a motorcyclist, the driver stops to help the injured man. No police or ambulance arrives, so Shi drives the victim to the hospital and checks him in. Astonishingly, his compassionate behavior makes him liable for the man’s medical bills. The repercussions of Shi’s selfless act expose a society rife with bone-chilling callousness and bureaucratic indifference. On the verge of losing his cab, his job, and his family, Lao Shi (in a magnificent performance by Chen Gang) has to resort to desperate measures to survive.

80 min.

Directed by

Johnny Ma

Film Category

Asian Focus Chinese Spotlight International Spotlight



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