The 2018 festival will take place Nov. 1-11, 2018. Below is information regarding the 2017 festival.

Out of Innocence


Saturday, Nov. 12 at 3:00pm

Based on true events at the turn of the 20th century, the Irish social drama “Out of Innocence” tells the story of a woman falsely accused. When a newborn baby washes up on a beach, it’s shocking enough, but the child was also stabbed before being tossed into the water. At the same time, a young mother gives birth to a stillborn baby 50 miles away and secretly buries the body on the family's small holding. A link is made — wrongly — between the two babies, and after a questionable police investigation, the young woman is accused of two counts of murder. Even though the evidence clearly doesn’t support a prosecution, she is pursued and ultimately committed to trial, sparking a national outrage. At a time of great social discord in Ireland — marked by religious sectarianism, the nascent abortion debate, and the emergence of the first women’s movement — the young mother finds herself the unwitting central figure in a stubborn contest of the individual vs. the state. The cast of “Out of Innocence” includes the great Irish actress Fiona Shaw (“Harry Potter” series, “True Blood”).

108 min.

Directed by

Danny Hiller


Ireland U.K.

Film Category

International Spotlight Women in Film Spotlight


Crime Family Issues Politics Religion/Faith Women's Issues


Historical Drama