Show Me Democracy


Sunday, Nov. 6 at 6:30pm

“Show Me Democracy” asks: Can a small group of young people make a difference in complex and imperfect systems? Following the advocacy and activist efforts of seven college students in the aftermath of events in Ferguson, the documentary chronicles their thoughts on police brutality and failing school systems, their interactions in a policy internship program, and their visit to Jefferson City to advocate for the reforms needed to improve postsecondary educational access for those who have been disenfranchised by their race, undocumented status, or limited resources. The film also traces the parallel journey of a student who leaves the team to take a leadership role in protests on the streets of Ferguson.

90 min.

Directed by

Dan Parris

Film Category

Leon & Mary Strauss Documentary Spotlight Race in America: The Black Experience Show-Me Cinema
With director Parris and subjects Karina Arango, Karissa Anderson, Robert Elam, Brittany Ferrell, Amber Overton, Jocelyn Posos, Faith Sandler, and Derion Tabb.