SLIFF/Kids Family Shorts 1

96 min.


Saturday, Nov. 5 at 12:00pm
Plaza Frontenac Cinema

A collection of shorts that's perfect for the whole family.


Gonzalo San Vicente

While Ami waits for her mom to return from a business trip, her imagination goes wild.

8 min.

Catch It

Paul Bar, Marion Demaret, Nadège Forner, Pierre-Baptiste Marty, Julien Robyn & Jordan Soler

A group of meerkats take care of their beloved fruit, but a vulture disturbs their peace of mind.

5 min.

Chateau de Sable

Quentin Deleau, Lucie Foncelle, Maxime Goudal, Julien Paris & Sylvain Robert

In the middle of a desert, soldiers protect a marvelous pearl from a huge creature who tries to steal it.

6 min.

Dancin' the Camera

Pieter-Rim De Kroon & Marije Nie

A love story between a tap dancer, a piano player, and a 1922 hand-cranked motion-picture camera.

9 min.


Yu Cheng-Chu

An exploration of extinct animals through animation.

4 min.

Little Folk of the Arctic

Neil Christopher

A short introduction to the little folk of the Arctic.

3 min.

Ogress of the Gravelbank

Neil Christopher

Discover a malevolent spirit who is unknown to all but the people of the Far North.

2 min.

The Short Story of a Fox and a Mouse

Camille Chaix, Hugo Jean, Juliette Jourdan, Marie Pillier & Kevin Roger

A lonesome fox hunts a mouse, and their relationship evolves as two owls interfere with the hunt.

6 min.

Stick Man

Jeroen Jaspaert & Daniel Snaddon

After going for a jog one morning, Stick Man encounters a bounding dog who just wants to play fetch.

28 min.

The Teeny-Weeny Fox

Aline Quertain & Sylwia Szkiladz

A teeny-weeny fox meets a daring little girl who grows giant plants.

8 min.


Brent Dawes

Giraffe is a bit skittish at the best of times, but things go to a whole new level when a lightning storm starts overhead.

5 min.

Tiny's New Home

Justin Hayward

A young girl takes her depressed goldfish on a journey to find her a new home.

7 min.


Marie Cheng

A little girl can't seem to figure out why her volcano science project won't explode.

5 min.