The Slippers


Sunday, Nov. 13 at 3:30pm
Tivoli Theatre

Cinephiles, Oz fans, and Garland groupies will delight in “The Slippers,” which traces the unbelievable history of the sparkly-red footwear sported by Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz.” There were actually multiple sets of the ruby slippers, and the movie tells the surprisingly twisty and complicated story behind their 1970 discovery in MGM’s cavernous storerooms and their eventual dispersal to an eclectic — and frequently eccentric — group of collectors. Bought, stolen, and coveted by many, the slippers have over time become the single most desired piece of Hollywood memorabilia. The sad fate of pioneering collector Debbie Reynolds’ vast assemblage of classic costumes and props — the actress purchased a rejected curled-toe iteration of the shoes — serves as an intriguing subplot. A still-unsolved mystery involving a pair of slippers pilfered from a quaintly low-tech museum in Judy Garland’s hometown adds an intriguing element of suspense to the proceedings. There’s even a modest local connection: Former red-slippers owner Philip Samuels lives in St. Louis and provides an interview. The Hollywood Reporter observes: “The magic powers of a wicked witch's footwear are nothing compared to the spell Tinseltown casts in ‘The Slippers,’ Morgan White's look at the dawn of the movie memorabilia-collecting era.”

91 min.

Directed by

Morgan White

Film Category

Leon & Mary Strauss Documentary Spotlight Show-Me Cinema