Two Trains Runnin’


Sunday, Nov. 13 at 6:00pm
Missouri History Museum

“Two Trains Runnin’ — featuring the music of Gary Clark Jr. — both pays tribute to a pioneering generation of musicians and cuts to the heart of our present moment, offering a crucial vantage from which to view the evolving dynamics of race in America. In June of 1964, hundreds of college students, eager to join the civil-rights movement, traveled to Mississippi, starting what would be known as Freedom Summer. That same month, moving on a parallel track, two groups of young men — musicians, college students, and record collectors — also traveled to the Deep South to find blues legends Son House and Skip James. Mississippi was a tense and violent place that summer, and in the state's charged atmosphere, it was easy to mistake the young blues fans as activists. Finally, on June 21, 1964, these two campaigns collided in memorable and tragic fashion. In telling this remarkable story, “Two Trains Runnin’” revisits an important moment when America's cultural and political institutions were dramatically transformed.

80 min.

Directed by

Sam Pollard

Film Category

Leon & Mary Strauss Documentary Spotlight Mean Streets: Viewing the Divided City Through the Lens of Film and Television Music Spotlight Race in America: The Black Experience
With Jacqueline K. Dace (director of internal affairs at the National Blues Museum) and scholar Paige McGinley (Washington U. assistant professor of Performing Arts).

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Center for the Humanities at Washington University and Washington University Libraries

Presented in partnership with Missouri History Museum and The Common Reader

Mean Streets is a program of The Divided City: An Urban Humanities Initiative. With the support of the Mellon Foundation, Washington U.’s Center for the Humanities, in partnership with the College of Architecture and Graduate School of Architecture and Urban Design, is engaged in a four-year initiative called The Divided City, which addresses one of the most persistent and vexing issues in urban studies: segregation.

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