Winnetou's Son

Winnetous Sohn


Saturday, Nov. 5 at 12:15pm
Sunday, Nov. 6 at 2:15pm
Plaza Frontenac Cinema
Plaza Frontenac Cinema

Short, chubby, and pale, 10-year-old Max looks far from an Indian, but the boy adores all things Native American. With his parents soon to separate, Max seeks comfort in his own world, imagining himself as the son of Winnetou, an Apache chief who appeared in several of famed German writer Karl May’s Western novels. When Max discovers that the youngster slated to play Winnetou’s son at the upcoming Karl May Festival has had to withdraw, he resolves to secure the part, much to his skeptical mother’s consternation. Before he can successfully inhabit the role, however, Max faces a few challenges: learning his lines, certainly, but also mastering a vast array of essential Indian skills. Max recruits glowering, black-garbed Morten and his own ne’er-do-well dad to help in his crash course, and he sets off to confidently pursue his dreams — of playing Winnetou’s son, of shaking Morten from his melancholy, and of reuniting his parents.

91 min.

Directed by

André Erkau

Film Category

International Spotlight SLIFF/Kids Family Films


Comedy Family Film