8 Borders, 8 Days


Saturday, Nov. 11 at 2:15pm
Washington U./Brown

“8 Borders, 8 Days” chronicles one woman’s personal revolution in the context of one of the greatest human-rights crises of our time. Sham, a Syrian single mother, serves as moving proof of the consequences of closing America’s doors to families fleeing war. With no answer to her application for resettlement in the U.S. and every other path to safety closed off, Sham determines that a smuggler’s raft to Europe is the only way out. “8 Borders, 8 Days” tells her family’s story, offering an immersive experience of their eight-day journey to safety and providing the intimate details of why a fiercely determined mother is willing to risk her two children’s lives for a better future.

61 min.

Directed by

Amanda Bailly

Film Category

Human Rights Spotlight International Spotlight Leon & Mary Strauss Documentary Spotlight Middle Eastern Focus Women in Film Spotlight
With director Bailly.

Shown with

The Fisherman of Lesbos

The Fisherman of Lesbos

Nikolia Apostolou

Fishermen on the Greek island of Lesbos play a vital role, even at risk to their livelihoods, by rescuing refugees.

5 min.



Ida Theresa Myklebost

Six-year-old Menwar fled Syria with his family and now lives in a makeshift tent at a gas station in Greece, but authorities have decided to close the unofficial refugee camp.

With director Myklebost.
16 min.