Beauty Mark


Saturday, Nov. 11 at 4:15pm
Tivoli Theatre

Angie (Auden Thornton), a poverty-stricken young mother taking care of both her 5-year-old son (Jameson Fowler) and her alcoholic mother (Catherine Curtin), is told that the house they're living in is condemned, requiring the trio to move immediately. Her family facing life without a home, the nearly penniless Angie must raise $1,700 within a week to secure a new place. With only $65 to her name, Angie is forced to ask for help from the only person she knows with any money: a man from her church, Bruce (Jeff Kober), who sexually abused her as a child and continues to pursue her. The website Eye for Film says of “Beauty Mark”: “The horror here is not, as so often, mysterious and pitiful, but stark and banal. Angie is a fierce, focused protagonist; the film serves as a reminder of how much strength it can take simply to keep going, and of the invisible triumphs of people all around us whose stories we would never guess at.”

88 min.

Directed by

Harris Doran

Film Category

American Indie Spotlight New Filmmakers Forum


With director Doran.

Sponsored by Joni Tackette Casting and Pat Scallet