The Blot


Sunday, Nov. 12 at 7:30pm
Webster U./Moore

The pioneering Lois Weber was one of the first women to direct films, and SLIFF honors the filmmaker by screening a recent restoration of her silent “The Blot,” which addresses the all-too-relevant issue of income inequality. The local Rats & People Motion Picture Orchestra has created an original score for the film and will perform it live. In the film, Professor Griggs teaches the unmotivated sons of the rich and powerful, but he fails to make a living wage. The professor’s next-door neighbor, businessman Peter Olsen, has abundant money and food, while the Griggs have almost none. When one of the professor’s wealthy students, Phil West, and the impoverished Rev. Gates both fall for young Amelia Griggs, Phil recognizes the disparity in their lives and tries to do something to change it.

$15 for special event
80 min.

Directed by

Lois Weber

Film Category

Archival Presentations Music Spotlight Women in Film Spotlight


With live accompaniment by the Rats & People Motion Picture Orchestra.

Shown with

Yours Sincerely, Lois Weber

Yours Sincerely, Lois Weber

Svetlana Cvetko

An examination of the achievements of pioneering female filmmaker Lois Weber, the highest-paid director at Universal in 1916.

6 min.