Bye Bye Germany

Es war einmal in Deutschland


Wednesday, Nov. 8 at 9:15pm
Friday, Nov. 10 at 5:40pm
Plaza Frontenac Cinema
Plaza Frontenac Cinema

In 1946 Frankfurt, David Bermann (Moritz Bleibtreu of “Run Lola Run” and “Munich”) and his Jewish friends have escaped the Nazi regime and are now dreaming of leaving for America. But how will they get the money in these tough postwar times? The smooth-talking businessman focuses on what the Germans now need most: fine bed linens nicely wrapped in amusing stories! The six talented entertainers go from home to home, praising housewives until the flattered ladies have no choice but to buy their irresistible items. Business flourishes and a bright new future can be seen on the horizon. But questions about Bermann’s past catch up with him: Could he have collaborated with the Nazis? The smart, uncompromising U.S. officer Sara Simon (Antje Traue) refuses to close the interrogation and wants to get to the heart of Bermann’s wartime memories. Although she matches his quick wit with iron severity, it becomes increasingly difficult for Sarah to escape David’s charm.

102 min.
English & German

Directed by

Sam Garbarski

Film Category

International Spotlight


Dramedy Historical Drama