Friday, Nov. 3 at 12:00pm
Saturday, Nov. 4 at 9:15pm
Plaza Frontenac Cinema
Plaza Frontenac Cinema

Exiled American Kevin (Warren Brown), a boat owner in Nassau, is desperate to pay his gambling debts and support his family. Wife Berneice (Persia White) has essentially given up on him: She’s tired of his promises and excuses. Pressure is mounting: Kevin has enrolled their son in an expensive private school that he can’t afford, and Berneice has been taking care of Kevin’s mom, who has severe dementia. Needing an immediate infusion of cash, Kevin uses his vessel to smuggle desperate Haitian workers to the Bahamas, where they will board another boat to Miami. At first, the illegal venture provides Kevin with financial relief, and he hires a caretaker to relieve Berneice's burden. But Kevin quickly self-sabotages, and soon the need for more funds forces him to take a longer and riskier trip — a treacherous, unsettling, and potentially fatal journey.

110 min.

Directed by

Kareem Mortimer

Film Category

International Spotlight