Coyotes Kill for Fun


Saturday, Nov. 4 at 7:00pm
Tivoli Theatre

In “Coyotes Kill for Fun,” the latest from Northwest Missouri indie filmmaker and SLIFF favorite Blake Eckard, a backwoods babysitter agrees to help an abused mother of two escape her lunatic boyfriend, but his psychotic brother is headed back to the area, and he has a fraught history with everyone involved. Filmed over three years in Missouri, Montana, and LA, “Coyotes” had a long gestation: Two-thirds was first shot back in March 2014, and a trio of cinematographers — Eckard, St. Louisan Cody Stokes, and American-indie legend Jon Jost — passed the baton behind the camera. Despite the prolonged production, “Coyotes” maintains a totally consistent — and utterly original — vision. The film features such Eckard regulars as Tyler Messner, Frank Mosley, Roxanne Rogers, and Arianne Martin. Gary Topp, co-founder of the distribution company Films We Like and a devoted supporter of Eckard’s work, writes of “Coyotes”: “I think it is his most accomplished to date; skilled, intriguing and provoking, with authentic performances and some phenomenal staging. It also has a palpable atmosphere of danger that hangs on; I recalled the original ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre.’ But ‘Coyotes’ stands alone. (Blake’s) films can't be confused with anyone else's, and I can't believe he's still an untapped talent.” SLIFF also screens Eckard’s second film, 2006’s “Backroad Blues,” which makes its belated Missouri debut.

77 min.

Directed by

Blake Eckard

Film Category

American Indie Spotlight Show-Me Cinema


Drama Horror
With director Eckard and actor Messner.