Doc Shorts: Facing Adversity

102 min.


Thursday, Nov. 9 at 5:00pm
Tivoli Theatre

Examinations of how subjects navigate difficult issues.

Big Party on the Other Side

Jenny Catherall

After learning she has less than six months to live, Rosalee plans for her burial on Hart Island, a mass grave where New York City’s unclaimed, unidentified bodies are interred.

With director Catherall.
13 min.

Care in Chaos

Lindsay Beyerstein & Martyna Starosta

The administrator of the busiest abortion clinic in North Carolina must cope with the hundreds of protesters who congregate outside on a daily basis, disrupting patients and staff while the police look on indifferently.

21 min.


Nickolas Duarte

Jay, who was born intersex but raised female and now paints auras of deceased pets and guardian angels, recalls growing up in rural 1950s Minnesota.

With subject Jay Petersen
22 min.

A Letter for Sang-Ah

Mina Fitzpatrick

Two single mothers — one of whom was forced to give her child up for adoption — fight for justice and acceptance within South Korean society.

With director Fitzpatrick.
27 min.

The Sandman

Lauren Knapp

A doctor balances on a moral high wire by participating in executions while personally opposing capital punishment.

19 min.