Doc Shorts: Family Drama

94 min.


Friday, Nov. 3 at 5:00pm
Tivoli Theatre

All families have issues, but some have more than others.

Glass Temples

Amanda Stoddard

A group of siblings confront their father after years of abuse. Although never denying his actions, he has not faced any legal repercussions because the Mormon Church treats abuse as a spiritual transgression rather than a criminal act.

29 min.

Little Potato

Wes Hurley & Nathan M. Miller

A gay boy who grew up in the Soviet Union and his mail-order-bride mom recall their adventurous escape to America.

14 min.

The Origin of Trouble

Tessa Louise Pope

In a story about family, love, hope, and loss, a filmmaker confronts her past and deals with the complex relationship with her father.

30 min.
Dutch & English

The Witcher

Maja Tschumi

Abused as a child, Sven finds a way to cope using his avatar in a fantasy video game to control his aggression and break out of his isolation.

21 min.
Swiss German