Doc Shorts: Kept Out

92 min.


Wednesday, Nov. 8 at 5:00pm
Tivoli Theatre

A look at immigration from the perspective of those who cannot enter the U.S.

An American House

J.D. Schuyler & Chris Trani

Despite the risk of litigation, Annunciation House opened its doors to immigrants and refugees who entered the United States illegally, helping prepare them for the next leg of their journey: into the heart of America.

22 min.
Chinese, English & Spanish


Mike Seely

A group of honorably discharged U.S. military veterans in Tijuana, Mexico, find themselves without mental-health care or access to VA benefits after being deported.

30 min.
English & Spanish

Monument | Monumento

Laura Gabbert

At Friendship Circle, a unique meeting point along the U.S./Mexico border, family members from both countries can see and speak to one another — but they cannot touch.

12 min.

The Returned

Meredith Hoffman & Sarah M. Kuck

After an unsuccessful attempt at crossing the U.S. border, three families are forced to return to Honduras and the extremely violent conditions they fled.

17 min.

The Savanna

Jared Jakins

The promise of the American Dream is real to one rural Peruvian family as they attempt to send their son to the U.S. to provide for them.

11 min.