Doc Shorts: Queer Life

100 min.


Sunday, Nov. 12 at 3:30pm

A slice of the lives of trans and queer people.

black enuf*

Carrie Hawks

A self-described “queer oddball” goes on a quest for a “Black Card” — acceptance of racial identity — and takes a journey from Missouri to New York and halfway around the world.

22 min.

I Am Her

Sasha Pezenik

A church opens its doors to transgender women in need, providing meals, clothing, and occasionally a little drag-show magic.

30 min.


Candy Guinea

Queer couple Candy and Castro document their journey of starting a family, confronting physical, emotional, and societal obstacles that include anxiety about how becoming pregnant will shift Castro's masculine-of-center presentation.

17 min.

Take a Walk on the Wildside

Lisa Rideout

A profile of the owner of a Toronto store that caters to transgender women and cross-dressers.

15 min.


Rhys Ernst

Four transgender individuals across America tell their stories of fighting for rights and representation in a challenging and changing world.

16 min.