Fanny's Journey

Le voyage de Fanny


Wednesday, Nov. 8 at 4:15pm
Sunday, Nov. 12 at 12:30pm
Plaza Frontenac Cinema
Plaza Frontenac Cinema

Based on the memoirs of Fanny Ben-Ami, “Fanny’s Journey” is an incredible tale of bravery, strength, and survival — the story of a daring young girl who will stop at nothing and fear no one. In 1943, 13-year-old Fanny (Léonie Souchaud) and her younger sisters were sent from their home in France to an Italian foster home for Jewish children. When the Nazis arrive in Italy, the children’s caretakers — including the stern but caring Madame Forman (Cécile de France) — desperately organize their departure to Switzerland. When they are suddenly left on their own, the 11 children attempt the impossible: journeying to the Swiss border, with its promise of freedom. The Boston Globe observes: “Doillon combines the excitement of a World War II escape film with the sensitivity and insight into childhood trauma of René Clément’s ‘Forbidden Games’ (1952). At a time when many disparage and reject refugees from war and oppression, ‘Fanny’s Journey’ is a reminder of the virtues of decency, compassion, and innocence.”

94 min.

Directed by

Lola Doillon

Film Category

Interfaith Competition International Spotlight Robert French and French-Language Focus SLIFF/Kids Family Films Women in Film Spotlight


Biopic Family Film Historical Drama

Appropriate for ages 12 and older.

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Jane M. & Bruce P. Robert Charitable Foundation