Future '38


Friday, Nov. 3 at 7:15pm
Saturday, Nov. 4 at 2:00pm
Tivoli Theatre
Tivoli Theatre

A delightfully skewed view of the modern world through a 1930s lens, “Future ’38” is a “lost” classic from Hollywood’s golden age, recently rediscovered in a Tinsel Town attic. (That's the filmmakers’ story, and they’re sticking to it.) In this faux product of classical Hollywood — shot in the 4:3 Academy ratio and a simulation of three-strip Technicolor — American agent Essex (Nick Westrate) journeys from 1938 via time machine to recover a powerful, weaponizable isotope that will have matured in the subsequent 80 years. Venturing to the year 2018, he finds a strange world of silvery skyscrapers, connected computers, and working women. As he explores this disorienting environment, Essex falls for hotel clerk Banky (Betty Gilpin of “Nurse Jackie”), a gal 80 years his junior (sort of), and must grapple with leaving her behind or returning to the past to KO Hitler. Filled with screwball comedy, punning dialogue, and anachronistic delights, “Future ’38” features a cameo by Neil deGrasse Tyson and an appearance by “Blade Runner’s” Sean Young. The Hollywood Reporter observes: “If Ed Wood and John Waters somehow adopted a baby and raised them to make a film in modern-day midtown Manhattan, the result could be something like ‘Future ’38.’”

75 min.

Directed by

Jamie Greenberg

Film Category

American Indie Spotlight


Comedy Love Story Science Fiction
With director Greenberg.