Golden Exits


Sunday, Nov. 12 at 6:30pm
Tivoli Theatre

In this powerful new work by Alex Ross Perry (“Listen Up Philip,” “Queen of Earth”) — which debuted at Sundance — Nick (former Beastie Boy Adam Horowitz) has settled into a safe existence in a small pocket of Brooklyn, where he currently toils on an archival project for his father-in-law. Nick’s marriage to Alyssa (Chloë Sevigny) is strained by his past infidelity, and he has a nettlesome relationship with his sister-in-law (Mary-Louis Parker), so when twentysomething Naomi (Emily Browning) arrives from Australia to assist Nick for the semester, an already delicate balance is upset. Naomi has a loose family connection to Buddy (Jason Schwartzman), a music producer who lives in the same neighborhood with his wife (Analeigh Tipton), and Naomi manages to intertwine the two families, disturbing both households in the process. The New Yorker’s Richard Brody praises “Golden Exits” as “Brooklyn Bergman, a drama of death pushing from behind and despair looming ahead,” describing the film as “a story of sibling rivalries and family heritage (artistic and material), of fragile marriages and bitter solitude, of solidarity and betrayal, of the possibilities of youth and the limits of encroaching middle age, of work as passion and work as burden, of the intimate relationships that develop through work, that nourish work, and that threaten work.”

94 min.

Directed by

Alex Ross Perry

Film Category

American Indie Spotlight