Gray Area: Wolves of the Southwest


Thursday, Nov. 9 at 6:00pm
Tivoli Theatre

In the American Southwest, a unique species of wolf unlike any other is making a comeback. Considered extinct nearly 40 years ago, the little-known Mexican gray wolf has — against all odds — slowly pulled back from the very brink. From a founding population of just seven animals, the species has slowly grown to a current wild population of approximately 100. Now, however, the Mexican gray wolf faces a new threat from within: its own genetics. As part of a bold recovery mission, one lone wolf is given a chance to offer new hope for the survival of her species. In telling the Mexican gray wolf’s story, “Gray Area” explores whether there can be a balanced and sustainable future where ranchers, conservationists, locals, and biologists can coexist with this apex predator. Experts from St. Louis’ Endangered Wolf Center, which played an essential role in the Mexican gray wolf’s recovery, are among those featured in the film.

50 min.

Directed by

Dean Cannon

Film Category

Environmental Focus Leon & Mary Strauss Documentary Spotlight Show-Me Cinema
With producer Alan Lacy and the Endangered Wolf Center’s Regina Mossotti, director of animal care and conservation.

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