The Hippopotamus


Sunday, Nov. 5 at 1:00pm
Sunday, Nov. 12 at 9:15pm
Tivoli Theatre
Tivoli Theatre

In “The Hippopotamus” — based on a comic novel by actor/writer/comedian Stephen Fry — disgraced poet Ted Wallace (Roger Allam) is summoned to the country manor of his friends Lord and Lady Logan (Matthew Modine and Fiona Shaw) to investigate a series of unexplained miracle healings. Ted tracks down the perpetrator of the phenomena, 15-year-old David Logan, and the Logans become determined to share their sonʼs “gift” with the world, unaware that he is using some unorthodox methods. With a poet's passion for the truth, Ted hurries to debunk the miracles and save a young man from a lifetime of embarrassment. The Guardian writes: “John Jencks’ adaptation of the Stephen Fry novel is all Allam, all the time: when not grousing in voiceover, he can be witnessed sniping, letching and harrumphing in person as Ted Wallace, a blocked poet-turned-soused critic drawn into an altogether wonky country house mystery. It’s a slight limitation that neither Wallace nor the audience really knows what he’s investigating — we’re mostly watching Allam scowling at the eccentrics passing through his eyeline — but it’s still a pleasure, and often a joy, to watch the star measuring out and savouring Fry’s rich wordplay like fingers of scotch.”

89 min.

Directed by

John Jencks

Film Category

International Spotlight



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