Intent to Destroy


Sunday, Nov. 12 at 7:00pm
Washington U./Brown

Pulling back the curtain on mass-murder censorship in Hollywood due to U.S. government pressure to appease a strategic ally, “Intent to Destroy” embeds with a feature-film production as a springboard to explore the violent history of the Armenian genocide and the legacy of Turkish suppression and denial over the past century. Director Joe Berlinger (“Paradise Lost” trilogy, “Metallica: Some Kind of Monster”) — a former SLIFF Lifetime Achievement Award honoree — captures the cinematic and political challenges of producing a historically meaningful, big-budget feature film in an environment rife with political suppression and threats of retaliation. By intertwining three separate threads — the modern-day production of director Terry George’s “The Promise” (2016), the history of the Armenian genocide, and the century of international repression — “Intent to Destroy” provides a comprehensive view on the atrocities of 1915-23 and their aftermath, which continues till the present day.

115 min.

Directed by

Joe Berlinger

Film Category

Human Rights Spotlight International Spotlight Leon & Mary Strauss Documentary Spotlight Middle Eastern Focus
With Lisa Bedian, director of communications for the city of St. Peters, whose Armenian grandparents were forced to flee their home by the Turkish government.