Master Class: 20 Easy Ways to Ruin Your Great Indie Film

120 min.


Saturday, Nov. 4 at 1:00pm

It has been said that wise people learn from their own mistakes but that smart people learn from the mistakes of others. In that helpful spirit, this humorous and informative presentation discusses 20 major pitfalls that tend to trip up beginning (and even more advanced) filmmakers. Stephen Wallace Pruitt and his wife and partner-in-film, Mary Settle Pruitt, firmly believe that just about anyone can achieve Hollywood-quality production values on any budget if they know what they can and can’t do and then take the time and make the effort necessary to get things done “just right.” Award-winning Kansas City filmmakers, the Pruitts took the road less traveled: They began making movies at ages 50 and 47 while continuing their respective careers as a college finance professor and a homemaker. Despite having no prior training in film, theater, or writing, and working with a cast and crew composed almost entirely of first-timers, the couple made a first film — the romantic comedy “Works in Progress” — that played at more than a dozen festivals and was picked up for distribution by Vanguard Cinema. Stephen and Mary's multi-award-winning third film, “The Tree,” is playing at SLIFF as the last stop on its national festival tour.