2017 Narrative Shorts: Comedy

127 min.


Saturday, Nov. 4 at 9:30pm
Tivoli Theatre

A program with a touch of love, a spot of the macabre, and a bit of criminality.

2D Date

Nate Lipp

Kim is dubious of her online date's animated profile picture, but he assures her that he looks exactly like his pic.

3 min.

The Accomplice

John F. Beach & Jon Hoeg

Arriving home from a long business trip, Jerry discovers he is now an unwilling participant in one of his friend's boneheaded schemes.

7 min.

The Arrival

Jocelyn Deboer & Dawn Luebbe

A little boy feels betrayed when his mother has another son and decides to give her a taste of her own medicine — by summoning another mother.

17 min.

The Bouquet

Romain Carciofo & Julien Segard

Stephane is late for a wedding, but that's the least of his troubles when he crosses paths with Charlotte.

10 min.

A Friendly Encounter

James Rautmann

A professional assassin is interrupted in the middle of a hit.

2 min.

Garbage Man

Alan Miller

Sam doesn’t want to be a sanitation worker anymore, but a raccoon has other ideas.

8 min.


Timothy Michael Cooper

Seconds after the wedding, a bride is stunned to learn that her new husband fudged nearly everything about his past, but his revelations force her to come clean about a few shocking secrets of her own.

12 min.

The New 35

Michelle Bossy

Kat celebrates her 35th birthday by embracing her single and childless life, but by the end of the night her past has come to collect — and possibly conceive.

10 min.


Erin Brown

After a string of failed relationships, Kate gets the chance to rekindle romance with the love of her life — her high-school boyfriend.

13 min.


Juan Silva

Two men try to dispose of a body in the wrong place.

5 min.

Try a Little Tendernsa

Michelle Craig

Finding love in today’s technology-based world is hard, and Marion doesn't want her story to start online.

11 min.

Who's Who in Mycology

Marie Dvorakova

Tony tries to open a bottle of wine for his date, but his life gets turned upside-down.

15 min.