2017 Narrative Shorts: Stars in Shorts

124 min.


Saturday, Nov. 11 at 2:00pm

Little films with big stars, including Ann Dowd, Glenn Howerton, Melissa Leo, and Emily Mortimer.

Double Take

Jay Gard

Newly paroled John Dieb, jailed for a diamond heist he swears he never committed, must prove his innocence if he ever hopes to see his daughter again. Starring David James Elliot and Adrian Pasdar.

With director Gard.
24 min.

The Final Show

Dana Nachman

A woman who has lived a long life full of love and loss has to decide who to take along with her to eternity. Starring Nancy Dussault.

9 min.

Little Bird

Georgia Oakley

It’s London 1941, and the women of Great Britain have been called on to aid the war effort, freeing up men for action. Starring Imelda Staunton and Emily Taaffe.

11 min.

The View from Up Here

Marco Calvani

Claire pays a visit to her neighbor Lila, a refugee from Syria recently resettled in U.S. thanks to a program supported by the church, and asks for a risky favor. Starring Leila Bekhti and Melissa Leo.

18 min.

The Visit

Romina Schwedler

A man joins his aging mother at the visiting area of a hospital where she often claims to communicate with his departed wife and son. Starring June Squibb.

13 min.

When Pigs Fly

Andrew Wood

At his brother's funeral, a washed-up, perpetually tipsy man comforts his mourning niece with a story of how he once found a magic tree that could bring all his drawings to life. Starring Glenn Howerton.

16 min.

Wig Shop

Kat Coiro

An Orthodox Jewish woman visits a wig shop on the other side of town and discovers that nothing is as it seems. Starring Emily Mortimer.

15 min.
English, Russian & Yiddish

Without Grace

Deborah Kampmeier

A journey through the devastating impact of mental illness in a family and the parents' struggle to let go of their child. Starring Ann Dowd.

18 min.