Pizza Shop: An Italian-American Dream


Sunday, Nov. 12 at 2:45pm
Plaza Frontenac Cinema

What is an immigrant’s typical experience in America? What does he sacrifice, and what does he gain? “Pizza Shop” provides one family’s answer to those questions, lovingly illustrating what it means for Charlie and Fred Osso, immigrant brothers from Calabria, Italy, when they live out the American dream. Through hard work, resilience, and the opportunities provided in the U.S., they've thrived, with the Osso siblings having run a successful pizzeria and restaurant in a strip mall in northern New Jersey for nearly 40 years. Now in their 70s, they’re facing a forced relocation and encroaching old age. But retirement is a dirty word to these workhorses. With humor and compassion, filmmaker Antony Osso (Charlie’s son) details the sacrifices that parents make for their children.

57 min.
English & Italian

Directed by

Antony Osso

Film Category

J. Kim & Sharon Tucci Italian Focus Leon & Mary Strauss Documentary Spotlight
With producer Laura Nespola and post-production assistant Cynthia Mezick.

Sponsored by

J. Kim & Sharon Tucci

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