2017 St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase Sampler

109 min.


Monday, Nov. 6 at 7:30pm

A selection of the best films from the 2017 St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase.

Driver's Ed

Chase Norman

A shy, overweight young woman leaves the safety of her home for an unwelcoming high-school classroom.

With director Norman.
15 min.

The Gift

Tim Garrett

A young girl comes to terms with life in her new family.

With director Garrett.
6 min.

He Who Listens

Maxine du Maine & Maalik Shakoor

A troubled man encounters a warm-spirited homeless kid who helps him reshape his outlook on life.

With co-director Shakoor.
18 min.

Latido de Corazón

Hadley Schnuck

A journey through Central Havana to the percussive sound of “Song to Elegua,” the Santería deity who unites the earthly and the divine.

With director Schnuck.
5 min.

Lester Leaps In

Mike Steinberg

At a lumber mill in 1970s Montana, a middle manager struggles to produce a safety film.

With director Steinberg.
30 min.

Mike Sidwell, Strongman

Brian Jun

Mike Sidwell talks about his journey and desire to be strong.

6 min.

The Night Owl

Anthony Nicolau

A dark story of miscommunication and conflict between two neighbors living in New York City.

With director Nicolau.
12 min.


Ashley Seering & Cory Byers

An abandoned church gets an unexpected second chance as a skate park.

With co-directors Byers and Seering.
8 min.

Spitting Image

Maxine du Maine

Jerome experiences the consequences of the unending cycle of gang violence in his urban community.

With director du Maine.
9 min.