True Conviction


Sunday, Nov. 5 at 4:00pm
Washington U./Brown

Christopher Scott was released from prison after serving 13 years of a life sentence for a murder he didn’t commit. That nightmare scenario is far too common: More than 30 people like Chris have been exonerated in Dallas County, Texas. Most of them are black men locked up in their youth who emerged in middle age looking for a way to make sense of what happened. One day, at a support-group meeting for exonerees, Chris has a light-bulb moment: Exonerees could become detectives, investigating the cases of other wrongfully convicted people and proving their innocence. “True Conviction” follows Chris and his team — Steven Phillips and Johnnie Lindsey — as they work to both realize their dream of becoming detectives and try to understand their own unjust experiences. As the trio of newly minted investigators seek redemption, attempting to right the wrongs they experienced, Chris finds that his faith in changing the system is mightily challenged.

84 min.

Directed by

Jamie Meltzer

Film Category

Human Rights Spotlight Interfaith Competition Leon & Mary Strauss Documentary Spotlight Mean Streets: Viewing the Divided City Through the Lens of Film and Television Race in America: The Black Experience
With subject Scott and Antoinette (Annie) Grier, project manager of Washington U.’s Smart Decarceration Initiative at the Center for Social Development of the George Warren Brown School of Social Work.

Shown with



Sarah Fleming & Joann Self Selvidge

An incarcerated young man has spent the past four years in adult detention centers even though he is a juvenile.

8 min.