Under the Same Sun

Ek Surya Ke Taley


Saturday, Nov. 4 at 4:30pm
Sunday, Nov. 5 at 12:00pm
Plaza Frontenac Cinema
Plaza Frontenac Cinema

“Under the Same Sun” — directed by Mitra Sen (“The Peace Tree”) — tells the story of a confused and injured young man, Karim Jamal (Aadar Malik), who accidentally stumbles into a village of Hindu and Muslim orphaned children while on a journey to reunite with his family. Through the spirit and innocence of these children, who adopt Karim into their family, he discovers a new sense of brotherhood, compassion, and humanity, which compels him to re-examine his ultimate goal in life. “Under the Same Sun” was shot in the medieval town of Jaisalmer, situated near the border of India and Pakistan. This magical town with its golden fortress is also known as the home of the Manganiar musicians — Muslims who embrace both Hindu and Muslim traditions and celebrate all the religious festivals together. They demonstrate the harmony and unity that can be achieved through a welcoming spirit, which they spread through their rhythms and beats. “Under the Same Sun” received the Best Foreign Film Award and Best Humanitarian Film at the Sedona International Film Festival and the Silver Audience Award at the Mill Valley Film Festival for Independent Film.

92 min.

Directed by

Mitra Sen

Film Category

Asian Focus International Spotlight Women in Film Spotlight