Union Leader


Friday, Nov. 3 at 2:35pm
Monday, Nov. 6 at 9:30pm
Plaza Frontenac Cinema
Plaza Frontenac Cinema

Jay Gohil (Rahul Bhat) works for Apollo Chemicals, a plant that is causing cancer and creating other serious health issues for its workers. Jay turns a blind eye to these issues over fear of losing his job, but when his good friend and colleague Digant is found dead after complaining about the plant’s health-and-safety violations, he takes action. Jay sets out to form a new and ethical workers’ union, despite resistance from his wife (Tillotama Shome), who fears he will lose his job — or even his life. The current union leader (Jayesh More) is shamelessly corrupt — he accepts bribes from the plant’s owner in payment for his collaboration — and Jay must win an election to replace him in a courageous fight to stop management’s maltreatment of its workers.

105 min.

Directed by

Sanjay Patel

Film Category

Asian Focus Environmental Focus International Spotlight