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Plaza Frontenac Cinema
Plaza Frontenac Cinema

In 1821, in the remote Diamantina Mountains of Brazil, slave trader Antonio (Adriano Carvalho) returns to the decaying but imposing farmhouse he inherited to discover his wife has died in childbirth. Confined to this desolate property in the company of his demented mother-in-law (Juliana Carneiro Da Cunha) and numerous slaves, he marries his dead wife's niece, Beatriz (Luana Nastas), a child of 12. A restless soul, he returns to his trading expeditions and leaves his child wife behind. The loneliness of the big house in the rugged landscape mirrors that of its inhabitants: All have been displaced from their original homes and forced into co-existence. The undercurrents of violence and prejudice, which still plague the Brazil of today, accelerate the inevitable tragedy, which heralds the tides of change. Hailing the film’s “searing depiction of racial cruelty and the weight given to its female characters in a patriarchal world,” the Hollywood Reporter says “Vazante” is “bristling with the tensions of violence, subjugation and forced cross-cultural cohabitation” and “transfixing in its formal rigor, impressive craft and striking visual beauty.”

116 min.

Directed by

Daniela Thomas

Film Category

International Spotlight Women in Film Spotlight


Historical Drama