Saturday, Nov. 11 at 7:30pm
Webster U./Moore

In 1970, the actress Barbara Loden wrote, directed, and starred in “Wanda,” a much admired but too little seen American indie. “Wanda” has recently been celebrated in the well-reviewed book “Suite for Barbara Loden,” which was published by the St. Louis small press Dorothy. SLIFF will screen a restored archival print of “Wanda” and feature a post-film discussion about “Wanda” by local critic/scholar Diane Carson and Dorothy publisher Danielle Dutton. In the coal-mining region of Pennsylvania, Wanda Goronski (Loden), having deserted her husband and infant children, sleeps on her sister's couch when she isn't sleeping with the latest man who bought her a drink. The unemployed, alcoholic Wanda drifts through life and appears incapable of emotional engagement, but her circumstances abruptly change when she meets petty criminal Norman Dennis (Michael Higgins). Despite Dennis’ shabby treatment of her, Wanda willingly stays with him and eventually serves as his accomplice in the commission of a crime. The 35mm restored print is courtesy of the UCLA Film & Television Archive, with restoration funding provided by the Film Foundation and Gucci.

102 min.

Directed by

Barbara Loden

Film Category

Archival Presentations Women in Film Spotlight


With Diane Carson, emeritus professor of film at St. Louis Community College at Meramec, and Dorothy publisher Danielle Dutton, a novelist and associate professor of English at Washington U.

With the short The Frontier Experience (Barbara Loden, U.S., 1975, 25 min.) Directed by and starring Barbara Loden -- and written by Joan Micklin Silver ("Hester Street") -- "The Frontier Experience" provide a woman’s perspective of the Western movement in the U.S., using diaries of the period to tell the dramatic story of Delilah Fowler’s first year on the Kansas frontier in 1869.