Abbey Waterworth Performance with The Center of Nowhere

180 min.


Sunday, Nov. 4 at 6:30pm
Stage at KDHX

This evening of film and music celebrates the sounds — and sundry other attractions — of Springfield, Mo. Dave Hoekstra’s documentary “The Center of Nowhere” is not just about music but about a sense of place: how atmosphere, environment, history, and even foodways inform the artistic muse around Springfield, Mo. At the heart of the film is the late performer and producer Lou Whitney, whose bands the Skeletons and Morells earned a devoted St. Louis following. Also on the bill is Bret Hoy’s short “Lingua Francas,” which profiles Daniel Ernce, who runs a ticketed pop-up restaurant in Springfield. Capping the night is a Springfield-centric performance by Abbey Waterworth, a singer and multi-instrumentalist whose album “Rose Bridge” features songs tracing the town’s musical past, from “I’m Sorry” and “The Letter” to “Wild Prairie Rose” and “Sugar Shack.”

$20 for special event

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With Guests

With director Hoekstra and a musical performance by Waterworth.