Ash Is Purest White

Jiang hu er nv


Thursday, Nov. 8 at 8:15pm
Tivoli Theatre

“Ash Is Purest White” — the latest from Chinese master Zhangke Jia (“A Touch of Sin,” “Still Life”) — tells a story of violent love and betrayal in three sections, with events unfolding in 2001, 2006, and 2017. Set in China’s underworld, the film follows dancer Qiao (Zhao Tao), who fires a gun to protect her mobster boyfriend (Liao Fan) during a fight. On release from prison five years later, she sets out to find him. The A.V. Club writes: “(Jia’s) movies have gotten looser, and funkier even, over the past few years. Jia takes that further here, both visually (the cinematography is by Olivier Assayas’ regular director of photography, Eric Gautier) and tonally. It’s a surprisingly funny, even loopy film at times, with bursts of slapstick and screwball humor, plus a sporadic absurdism.” “Ash Is Purest White” debuted at Cannes.

137 min.

Directed by

Zhangke Jia



Film Category

Asian Focus Chinese Spotlight International Spotlight


Crime Revenge


Drama Thriller