The Biggest Little Farm


Sunday, Nov. 11 at 3:30pm
Tivoli Theatre

When documentarian John Chester and culinary writer Molly Chester abandon urban living to start their own farm on a patch of depleted soil outside Los Angeles, John chronicles their efforts to create Apricot Lane Farms over eight eventful years. In addition to wanting a better life for their rescue dog, the couple is in pursuit of harmony with nature, so they enlist a consultant, Alan York, who employs an environmentally friendly approach to farming. York warns that it will take seven years before the farm fully realize its potential, and during that long wait, the Chesters face mounting obstacles: coyotes, insects, bad weather, and disease. Most would likely abandon principle and turn to modern agricultural practices, but John and Molly remain committed to working with nature rather than against it. Teeming with stunningly beautiful images of flora and fauna, “The Biggest Little Farm” is both a testament to idealism and a family adventure full of suspense and big-hearted emotion. IndieWire writes: “A gorgeous and often devastating look at good intentions slamming into harsh practical challenges, ‘The Biggest Little Farm’ is the rare eco-friendly documentary that reaches beyond the celebratory formula to explore the application of its environmental message in detail. It’s a remarkable educational experience for anyone eager to go back to the basics.”

91 min.

Directed by

John Chester



Film Category

Environmental Focus Leon & Mary Strauss Documentary Spotlight Studio Spotlight


Environment Food and Drink Rural Life

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