Black Mexicans

La negrada


Saturday, Nov. 3 at 1:00pm
Monday, Nov. 5 at 9:30pm
Tivoli Theatre
Tivoli Theatre

“Black Mexicans” tells the story of Magdalena and Juanita, two women who are united in the spiritual realm by their tona, or spirit animal, and in the material realm by Neri, Juanita’s husband and Magdalena’s lover. Juanita’s death will grant Magdalena the clarity that she needs to go on with her life without Neri. Variety writes: “The social realist drama marks Pérez Solano’s third feature, after a diptych, 2009’s ‘Spiral’ and 2014’s ‘La Tirisia,’ both of which examined in a naturalistic style the fate of those left behind by men’s immigration to the U.S. ‘La negrada’ examines another overlooked sector of Mexico’s populace, its Afro-Americans, descendants of slaves brought to Mexico — the first such film in Mexico.… The movie is set on the Chica Costa of Oaxaca, Pérez Solano’s home state and one of the most marginalized in Mexico.”

100 min.

Directed by

Jorge Pérez Solano



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International Spotlight Spanish-Language Focus


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