Doc Shorts: Black Voices

93 min.


Sunday, Nov. 11 at 6:30pm
Missouri History Museum

A diverse chorus of black voices addresses subjects both local and national.

The Kinloch Doc

Alana Marie

A chronicle of the rise and demise of Kinloch, Missouri's first black city.

4 min.

St. Louis Slam

Jasmine Kettenacker

A look at the St. Louis Slam, a women’s tackle football team.

5 min.


STL Artworks Teen Apprentices/Digital Squad

This inspirational story shines a bright light on five artists who are making an impact in the St. Louis community.

15 min.

For a Better Life

Yasmin Mistry

Sold for $100 at the age of 5, Fekri suffers through years of abuse before his plight is discovered and he’s moved into a group home where he finds support and mentorship.

10 min.

The Buck: Midwest Gully

Jun Bae

Vandal and his Arch Maddnezz Fam introduce a new style of krumping: the Midwest Gully.

19 min.

The Wave

Christopher Hill & Sean Loftin

Brother Lewis stands on the corner of Tower Grove and Vista every day, waving at people as they pass by.

3 min.

Movement Women: The Making of a Crew

Aziza Binti

Following the murder of Mike Brown, seven women journey together through protest, spirituality, organizing, school, and artistry to find themselves intimately connected.

17 min.

The Mountains That Made Me

Sharee Silerio

A young woman transforms her life’s struggles and tragedies into opportunities to help other hurting women heal.

4 min.

A Debtors' Prison

Todd Chandler & Brett Story

The stories of two ArchCity Defenders clients who were jailed unconstitutionally in North County municipal jails.

16 min.