Doc Shorts: Gay Elders

118 min.


Sunday, Nov. 11 at 6:30pm

A look back at those who dared to be out and proud in the past and who fought for LGTBQ lives.


Dane Christensen

Two women navigate the difficult space between their love for the Mormon religion and for each other.

16 min.

What We Know About Eddie

Markie Hancock

An inter-generational story of queer life and cat rescue told by two young volunteers who visit an older gay man during the final years of his life.

40 min.

When the World Changed

Anderson Clark

Three lesbians who fought against the stigma and discrimination experienced during the AIDS epidemic share their stories of giving care and dignity to those who were dying.

34 min.


Jackson Bollinger

A young, queer filmmaker tries to form a meaningful relationship with a deceased relative.

9 min.

Fragments 83

Richard Millen & Corentin Koskas

The hunt for sex and love, the joy of making cinema, and the inexorable passage of time are all explored through footage of the West Village in the early days of the AIDS epidemic.

19 min.