Five Fingers for Marseilles


Monday, Nov. 5 at 9:30pm
Sunday, Nov. 11 at 12:00pm
Plaza Frontenac Cinema
Plaza Frontenac Cinema

In apartheid-era South Africa, the residents of the remote town of Marseilles are the victims of a brutal police force, and only the young “Five Fingers” are willing to stand up to the oppressors. When hot-headed Tau kills two policemen in an act of passion, his actions trigger a conflict that will leave both Marseilles and the Five Fingers changed. Twenty years later, on his release from prison, Tau has earned a reputation as a feared outlaw, but he has renounced violence. Returning home, he hopes only to reconnect with those he left behind, and Tau at first finds Marseilles seemingly at peace. But it soon becomes clear that the town is caught in the grip of a vicious new threat, and he is reluctantly compelled to fight. The New York Times writes: “Though the story serves as a critique of modern South African politics, the white South African director Michael Matthews uses his visual style to emphasize mythology over anthropology…. In stylish and entertaining fashion, ‘Five Fingers for Marseilles’ looks over the South African countryside and finds fresh vistas for the western genre.”

120 min.
Southern Sotho & Xhosa

Directed by

Michael Matthews


South Africa

Film Category

International Spotlight


Class Issues Crime Policing/Criminal Justice Revenge


Drama Western