A Girl Named C


Saturday, Nov. 3 at 1:00pm

“A Girl Named C” addresses one of the most pervasive and taboo subjects in the United States — child sexual assault. One in three girls before the age of 18 is sexually assaulted in America, and experts estimate up to 50 percent of their perpetrators are other children. “A Girl Named C” powerfully uncovers and then deconstructs the wreckage within a family after the belated revelation that one of its members was sexually assaulted by a classmate — a boy on whom she had a crush — at age 11. The face of “C” is never revealed, but her own animation becomes a recurring element, revealing a playful and creative side, and in voiceover “C” narrates a deeply felt journey that grows ever darker. “C’s” eloquence and understanding far outstrip her age, and in the film’s final section — her anonymity still protected — she goes behind the camera to question advocates and other victims about why kids commit sexual assault. The film exposes a tragically ubiquitous experience, examining an epidemic facing the youngest members of society and showing the process of healing through a child’s eyes.

70 min.

Directed by

Emily Kassie



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Leon & Mary Strauss Documentary Spotlight Women in Film Spotlight


Domestic Abuse/Sexual Violence Mental Health PTSD School Women's Issues Youth
With director Kassie and Susan D. Kidder, executive director of Safe Connections.

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Safe Connections

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