In the Aisles

In den Gängen


Wednesday, Nov. 7 at 2:10pm
Friday, Nov. 9 at 12:30pm
Plaza Frontenac Cinema
Plaza Frontenac Cinema

After the shy and reclusive Christian (Franz Rogowski, “Victoria,” “Happy End”) loses his job, he starts to work for a wholesale market. Bruno from the beverage aisle takes him under his wing, showing him the ropes and patiently teaching him how to operate the forklift. In the aisles, he meets “Sweets” — Marion (Sandra Hüller, “Toni Erdmann”) — and is instantly smitten by her mysterious charm. The coffee machine becomes their regular meeting point, and the two begin to develop a relationship. But the object of his desire is married — to an abusive husband — and Christian’s feelings remain unrequited, especially after Marion fails to return to work one day. Calling “In the Aisles” a “poignant and richly sympathetic film,” the Guardian writes: “Sandra Hüller is the German actress who found world-cinema stardom on account of her performance in the black comedy ‘Toni Erdmann’; now she makes a very stylish appearance in this utterly engrossing and richly humane workplace drama.”

125 min.

Directed by

Thomas Stuber



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International Spotlight




Dramedy Love Story