In the Wake of Ire


Saturday, Nov. 3 at 3:15pm
Tivoli Theatre

In “In the Wake of Ire,” Benjamin Lovell (Gregory Sporleder) reunites with estranged daughter Rosemary (Whitney Morgan Cox) after a 20-year separation. A vicious attack during Rosemary’s childhood not only left her injured but also memory impaired, and she fails to recognize him. As Benjamin attempts to uncover what happened to the family he left behind, the two grow dangerously close, with the lonely Rosemary beginning to fall for a man she’s unaware is her father. As he struggles to find a way to tell her the truth about who he really is, Benjamin must strike a delicate balance in his increasingly complicated relationship with Rosemary, all while keeping it a secret from his closest friends and business partners. A part of SLIFF’s Show-Me Cinema program, “In the Wake of Ire” was shot in Glasgow, Mo., and stars St. Louis native Sporleder.

95 min.

Directed by

Brian Maurer



Film Category

American Indie Spotlight Show-Me Cinema


Family Issues


With director Maurer.