Jupiter's Moon

Jupiter holdja


Friday, Nov. 2 at 9:45pm
Monday, Nov. 5 at 9:00pm
Plaza Frontenac Cinema
Plaza Frontenac Cinema

In this riveting Palme d’Or-nominated supernatural thriller, the director of the critically acclaimed “White God” employs spectacle that rivals any Hollywood production — heart-pounding car chases, sensational gunfights, beautifully fluid and kinetic camerawork — to tell a timely European story. The young Syrian refugee Aryan (Zsombor Jéger) is shot while illegally trying to cross the Hungarian border to escape his wartorn home. While nursing him back to health, Stern (Merab Ninidze), a doctor at a refugee camp, discovers that Aryan has gained an extraordinary talent: He can levitate at will. Stern has his own predicament to escape, so he offers to smuggle Aryan out of the camp if he’s willing to help the doctor make some money by using his new miraculous gift. London’s Telegraph writes: “This politically charged superhero parable is less a case of the Hungarian director pulling out all the stops than hooking up the pipe organ in his village church to a nuclear reactor: it is an outrageously ambitious and intermittently staggering piece of work.”

129 min.

Directed by

Kornél Mundruczó



Film Category

Eastern European Focus International Spotlight


Supernatural War


Drama Science Fiction Thriller

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