Little Woods


Saturday, Nov. 10 at 3:00pm
Tivoli Theatre

A modern Western, “Little Woods” tells the story of two sisters, Ollie (Tessa Thompson, “Creed,” “Sorry to Bother You”) and Deb (Lily James, “Downton Abbey”), who are driven to work outside the law to better their lives. For years, Ollie has illicitly helped the struggling residents of her North Dakota oil boomtown access Canadian healthcare and medication. When the authorities catch on, she plans to abandon her crusade, only to be dragged in even deeper after a desperate plea for help from her sister. The film also stars Lance Reddick (“The Wire”) and Luke Kirby. London’s Observer writes: “Nia DaCosta’s haunting directorial debut, ‘Little Woods,’ is the latest incarnation of the Western, a potent slow-burning thriller that taps into the economic devastation that has wracked middle America for the past few decades. And anchored by two incredible performances by stars Tessa Thompson and Lily James, ‘Little Woods’ becomes an intimate and painfully now film that gives us a glimpse of the evolution of a genre primarily populated by hypermasculine men.”

105 min.

Directed by

Nia DaCosta



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