Living in Tents


Sunday, Nov. 4 at 1:00pm

“Living in Tents” explores homelessness in St. Louis, offering an intimate portrait of a half-dozen or so homeless men and women, and providing a wider view of the issue by interviewing several long-term volunteers and the city officials and professionals who set and implement policy. Although the film is clearly sympathetic to its subjects, it also honestly includes incidents of the self-sabotaging behavior that results from the addiction and mental-health problems that afflict many of the homeless. “Living in Tents” was primarily shot from 2011-12, when a trio of linked homeless encampments — Dignity Harbor, Hopeville, and Sparta — appeared on the riverfront after the rail tunnel under Tucker Boulevard was filled in, displacing the homeless population that lived there. The problems that the film documents, however, have not disappeared, and “Living in Tents” offers updates on its primary subjects.

57 min.

Directed by

Paul Crane



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Homelessness Human Rights
With director Crane, Teka Childress of St. Louis Homeless Winter Outreach, and Cynthia Duffe of Gateway Housing First.

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