The Long Shadow


Sunday, Nov. 4 at 6:00pm
The Gathering

When filmmaker and investigative journalist Frances Causey, a daughter of the South, set out to explore the continuing racial divisions in the U.S., what she discovered was that the politics of slavery didn’t end with the Civil War. In an astonishingly candid look at the United States’ original sin, “The Long Shadow” traces slavery’s history from America’s founding up through its insidious ties to racism today. San Jose’s Mercury News writes: “‘Shadow’ is a gripping personalized history lesson, with Causey covering salient points, including how economics drove the despicable trading of humans. Her of-the-moment feature couldn’t be more necessary.”

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The Issue of Mr. O'Dell

The Issue of Mr. O'Dell

Rami Katz

A biography of Jack O’Dell, a 94-year-old African-American civil-rights activist who was the director of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and a colleague of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

35 min.