The Most Dangerous Year


Saturday, Nov. 10 at 1:00pm

“The Most Dangerous Year” intimately chronicles the struggle for transgender rights, specifically focusing on the 2016 fight in Washington state over “bathroom bills” that would force transgender individuals, including children, to use their “birth gender” facilities. The documentary is the definition of a passion project: The filmmaker, Vlada Knowlton, is a mother with a young transgender daughter, and she and her fellow Seattle-area parents of transgender kids were instrumental in fighting the good fight in this particular civil-rights battle. “The Most Dangerous Year” uses the story of two successive fights around state laws — one a legislative bill, one a referendum — as a frame to introduce Knowlton’s family and the families in her circle and to discuss the different arguments in favor and against trans rights. Intimate and revelatory, the film — with its scenes of transgender kids happy and healthy in supportive homes — will open the eyes of people who may have never encountered transgender children up close and personal before.

89 min.

Directed by

Vlada Knowlton



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With director Knowlton.

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