N of 1


Saturday, Nov. 10 at 8:00pm

An emotionally charged documentary, “N of 1” proves as thought-provoking as it is inspirational. Katye, a 26-year-old Floridian, is battling a rare and aggressive form of liver cancer. American doctors say they’ve done all they can and want the young woman to prepare for the end. But Katye refuses to relent, and in searching social media for treatment alternatives, she finds a most unlikely hero. Howard Simons, who runs an appliance-repair company in Toronto, has no medical training whatsoever, but he has made it his mission to help hopeless patients by obsessively reading medical journals and inventing treatment approaches doctors won’t even consider. Proposing a never-before-tried procedure he believes will save Katye's life, Howard eventually finds an immunologist from Israel and a surgeon from England willing to perform the operation. With her unusual medical team, Katye then travels across the globe — to an hospital in India — to attempt a brave assault on her disease.

102 min.

Directed by

Bernard Friedman


Canada India Israel U.K. U.S.

Film Category

International Spotlight Leon & Mary Strauss Documentary Spotlight


With director Friedman.