Naila and the Uprising


Saturday, Nov. 10 at 4:00pm
Washington U./Brown

Using evocative animation, intimate interviews, and exclusive archival footage, “Naila and the Uprising” brings out of anonymity the courageous women who shook the Israeli occupation and put Palestinians on the map for the first time. “Naila and the Uprising” tells a story of the First Intifada that history has overlooked — of an unbending nonviolent women’s movement at the head of Palestine’s struggle for freedom. When a nationwide uprising broke out in 1987, Naila Ayesh in Gaza was faced with making a choice between love, family, and freedom. Undaunted, she instead embraced all three, joining a clandestine network of women in a movement that forced the world to recognize the Palestinian right to self-determination. The documentary follows Naila and the women’s struggle through the end of the uprising and into negotiations with Israel, with female activists taking a prominent place in the delegation. Despite those past achievements, the women faced subsequent difficulties in carrying forward the vision of equality that their activism set in motion, and the film also explores those contemporary realities.

76 min.

Directed by

Julia Bacha


Palestinian Territories U.S.

Film Category

Human Rights Spotlight International Spotlight Leon & Mary Strauss Documentary Spotlight Mean Streets: Viewing the Divided City Through the Lens of Film and Television Middle Eastern Focus Women in Film Spotlight


Human Rights Women's Issues


With co-producer Jen Marlowe and Just Vision communication director Daniel Nerenberg.

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